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Andrew John Baker


Full Name: Andrew John Baker


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Birthplace: North Staffs, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
Lynn & John Baker
5'9" (1.75 m)


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«About Me»

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My name is Andrew John Baker; I am of age. I have put together an About Me page for my website to tell you what I have been doing since I left Hebden Green School. If you would like to get in touch with YOUR old School/College/University friends, please look at My Facebook. I attend a Disabled Sports group every Saturday Macclesfield Wheelies Sports Club I have a go at Zumba

Sylk Dance Academy once a month and I have ago at other sporting actives.  I have my own Fitbit which I am able to set my own targets for each day weather its a lazy Sunday, or a busy Friday, set your self a target and try to beat it!!! Have a look I have a Fitbit but others are available, they are on twitter at Follow Fitbit on Twitterthey have a brand

Mobile site and an APP which you can download from the App Store




Striving for excellence in Indoor Cycling has made Indoor Cycling Group (ICG®) the world’s largest corporation specializing in the design, manufacturer and programming of Indoor Cycling equipment. With more than 250 dedicated staff in Europe, North America and Asia, we ride united as one team – Team ICG


Performance Cycling 'Be the Change! Award Winner


Judith Boston and Andrew Baker

Andrew being presented with his 'Be the Change!' award and a kiss from Level 2 Performance Cycling Instructor Judith Boston at Congleton Leisure Club.

Judith shares why Andrew is a winner...


"Andrew has been coming to my Performance Cycling classes for 10 years, and has actually been indoor cycling longer than me!
Andrew won't mind me sharing this with you - he has cerebral palsy and he has not let it stop him from doing something he really enjoys.
Apart from the physical benefits for him, indoor cycling has benefited from him too. Andrew has instigated fundraising events where we do 2 hr indoor cycling-athons, he has contributed to raising a lot of money for the NSPCC and a local charity called Wheelies that supports people who are reliant on a wheelchair. Andrew is an enthusiastic and inspiring member of my groups, he will give me feedback, good or bad and suggest music for my playlists.


Andrew's birthday 'rides' are legendary, he chooses the playlist, we decorate his bike, eat jelly babies, have lots of singing and lots of cake.


Every indoor cycling class needs an Andrew!"

We could not agree more! Congratulations Andrew and Judith - Keep ‘Being the Change!’ and a great inspiration!


I very much like using computers, maintaining them etc.  I very much enjoy helping others to operate them. In addition, I like

keeping my website up to date. In my spare time, I like to go online, surf the Internet and chat to my friends using Skype,

 to download Skype click on the link at the bottom of this page, also I have signed up on Facebook, so please if you

use Facebook find me (Andrew John Baker). Now if you have an Iphone or an Ipod touch, you can download Facebook Messenger

and if your a friend of mine we can chat, to download click Facebook Messenger. During my time off, I enjoy going to the Gym it

really helps me and I really enjoy going to my local leisure Centre three times a week, where I find the staff to be extremely helpful.

I also go Spinning once a week in the smaller gym. Once or twice a year I visit the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, It's great fun, a really enjoyable evening. You are able to have a look round the centre and even when they are racing you can walk under the track and see what's happens on the inside of the track, it is really a great even out and a great atmosphere the NATIONAL CYCLING CENTRE

Over the past four years I have been cycling on the cycle ways here in the UK. The last couple or years I have been on my holiday in France and it is really very good for cycling over there. I would like to share with you may cycle rides. If you have Google Earth you are able to download my Google Earth Files and open them in Google Earth. If you haven't got Google Earth please go to Favorites page and download it. I now have a Garmin and I'm now able to share my rides on Social Media, Facebook and Twitter.

You will need to Download and Install Google Earth to view My Rides!!!

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Another tip; if a disabled person wants to go to the Cinema with a friend, the person who is disabled pays but the friend does not pay, this happens in most Cinemas around the U.K. including the ODEON and VUE Cinemas which you can access through my Search page    The VUE Cinemas App    Follow VUE Cinemas UK on Twitter

I have been Volunteering at my local Museum and the New Life Church. At the Museum I do Data Entry for a few hours a week, and at the New Life Church I help local people use I.T. to find jobs in there area.







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